Why sharing is good for business

After the success of the blog network that we created for Hobson and Porter they asked Provesta to look at a number of ways of further improving how they communicate to the outside world.

Andrew McCormick, H&P's business improvement manager, is an advocate of giving clients what they want and he's seen it improve client confidence and satisfaction as a result. Instead of being overly cautious and afraid of negative feedback he actually asks clients what they really think of H&P and how well they did on their projects. The results are then fed back into further improving the business.

Transparency has become increasingly important to industry and local authorities are taking up the challenge and encouraging their suppliers to do likewise. Provesta created a new website using the free tools at Google Sites. Hobson and Porter Share is loosely based on a wiki format which allows anyone with permission to create web pages, post documents and information that is pertinent to the company or projects. The level of openly available data far exceeds what most companies make available online which reinforces the transparent future that H&P see for their business as projects become more focused on long term partnering and framework agreements.

Already Hobson and Porter are seeing that their approach to bidding for work is having dividends as they are selected increasingly for the quality of their bid rather than just the price.