Life without MS Office - Day 2

Not too much of note to report today, just work. A busy day out and about so the only real use has been with Google Calendar. This app seems to work quite nicely and in the past I've found that it syncs nicely with MS Office packages. It's definitely one of the smarter apps.

I'm miss being able to sync Tasks. As a recent GTD convert (at least in part) I've come to expect my task lists to be wherever I want them instantly. Gmail is more successful though and I'm using a partial workaround by using the drag and drop labels to categorise email, then filtering. It's different to how it operates in Outlook and not quite as elegant as having numerous inbox's but it does work.

Contacts are not yet up to date but if I can find a spare fifteen minutes I'll get them up to date, thereby somewhat ironically saving me far more than fifteen minutes.