Life without MS Office, Day 1

So how is it going - life without MS Office? Not quite as I expected to be honest.

On Sunday I reinstalled my desktop PC system and in the process removed MS Office completely to avoid cheating. That was my first mistake.

I needed to create a template letterhead and there isn't any really satisfactory way of doing this easily and quickly with Google Docs. But I then realised that I have oodles of storage space - none of which is on my machine. So my answer was to create a letter and use an image as the header - in this case the Provesta image grabbed from this blog. It works pretty well though it isn't what I set out to do.

It looks like this week might be one of finding workarounds, but it's occurred to me that this might throw up some new ideas and solutions that I wouldn't have considered before. There might just be some better ways of working that come to light.