Nuclear comes clean: Jonathon Porritt

Jonathon Porritt made an interesting post today and once again Jeremy Legget is in the thick of it at the Cheltenham Science Festival. Worldwide government underwriting of the nuclear industry is alarming but with vested interests and former Ministers on the payroll it is hardly surprising. Meanwhile the difficulties encountered by sectors of the renewables industry is disappointing to say the least.

Solar and fossil fuels to reach price parity in five years.

Solar Century are claiming that solar electricity costs will reach parity with fossil fuels by 2013. This is an interesting development coming from one of the larger UK suppliers and it si largeley in line with

But it isn't as clear cut as it seems. Predictions about fuel costs are notoriously difficult and unreliable but evidence points to peak oil being about now. Fuel costs are on the rise again and both OPEC and Russia seem keen to take and keep oil in the $60-$70 /barrel range over the next few months. It's unlikely that they will stay there as the resource becomes scarcer and those nations need to raise money to see them through recession.

Energy security isn't on the radar for many people but it will soon be an issue for us to address as energy becomes more expensive and harder to source.