Agri-business innovation from the USA

A contact called earlier with a great idea brought back from an conference that he has just attended in USA. By combining the solar and LED packages there is a neat solution to an animal welfare problem that has been saving one American farmer in particular around $1.5m a year. Green energy, low consumption, low maintenance and animal welfare benefits at the same time! How about that for a winner?!

As usual though the capital costs are often a stumbling block with LED despite the huge medium to long term operational savings so I'll be teaming up with my leasing contact next week to run some ideas about creating a packaged solution. The package can also be applied across other agri-business fields ('scuse the pun) quite easily and there is one in mind that might be an easy sell.

It's something that has been on the back burner for a while but with interest rates so low and funders becoming just a little more adventurous the time might be right to work up the idea.